17311269_10208927695854784_7876729104543373044_oI’m just a girl on a journey. To stretch out of my comfort zone. To evolve. To live life in the way that’s best for me. To find the next great adventure. To make bold moves when the time is right. I fail at this goal often, but I recommit myself each time, because that’s what it is all about. You pick up. You start again. You keep growing because our time is too precious to stay the same. We author our story and we need to. Because the world desperately needs each and every one of us to go out into it and love and shine bright. ¬†Who am I? I’m a counselor, a teacher, a writer, a friend, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a niece, a cousin, a singer, a writer, a hiker, and someone who is always being redefined.

What can you find here? The truth in the struggle. Failures. Successes. And always a little music. I come here each week to refresh and evaluate what’s inspiring me or getting me stuck. Join me if you feel inclined. And tell me if there’s something you need to explore. I’m here to share the journey. I’ll write for you too.


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